Special Events on the Connecticut River

Frequently Asked Questions

There are always lots of questions when planning an event.  We are always available to answer them via email or phone (860-662-0856).  Here are a few common questions:

Do you provide food?

No, there are many great caterers in the area.  Some of our favorites that are familiar with our boat and yummy too are:

  •    Cloud Nine Catering - Website - ADVENTURE Menus
  •    RiverHouse Catering - Website 
  •    Coffees Country Market Catering - Website
  •    Thimble Island Lobsterbakes - Website

Can we have alcohol drinks? 

Sure! At this time it is BYOB.  You can make arrangements with Tony's Package Store for delivery if you would like.

Can we play music?

We have a great sound system and you can play your favorite playlist from your phone or service.  Our system has bluetooth, USB and audio jacks.

Can we display a slideshow?

Yes, we have HDMI, USB and standard video jacks.  Please be sure to bring the adapter for your specific device.

Is ADVENTURE wheelchair accessible? Can she take walkers?

No. Sorry, we have raised door sills and the entrance is too narrow for a wheelchair.  Walkers are acceptable as long as the person is able to maneuver the 6" door sill.

Is there Air Conditioning?

There is not much of a need for AC on the Connecticut River!  There are large fans available and many windows to cool down passengers when needed.

Can I decorate?

YES!  Please keep in mind that while under way loose items will flap in the breeze.  Signs, photos, and creativity are welcome, please use paint safe tape or strips.

How can we keep food and drink cold?

We will provide two large coolers with up to 6 bags of ice, just let us know!